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Welcome to the Staffordshire Schools' Football Association



Sep 18, 2019

The U14 Staffordshire XI to play Stoke RTC will now be on Tuesday evening and not Wednesday because of an error on their part with the booking of the pitch. More details to follow but emails and phone numbers are neede as a matter of urgency.

Emails have been sent to the boys invited to the final Under 18 trial where the squad for the upcoming Cheshire game will be selected.The trial takes place at Stafford Town FC on Monday 23rd of September with a 6-30 start.

Sep 17, 2019

After a final trial oozing with quality the coaches were left with a really difficult task in selection of a provisional squad. Several players missed the trial and will be looked at next Wednesday night when a Staffordshire XI will take on Stoke City RTC at Ormiston Horizon Sir Stanley Mathews Academy with a six thirty KO. Details for those involved will be emailed later.

The players named below need to email their parents preferred email address and a mobile telephone number to Correspondence will be by email or a telephone app (details later) Staffordshire School's FA are extremely grateful for the efforts of all who took part in the trials process. Congratulations to all selected and commiserations to those who missed out this year but hope to see you back again next year.

Danen Jacob Chase Terrace
Taylor Tom Chase Terrace
Dudek Kamil Sir Graham Balfour
Braden Webb Penkridge
Ziglam Travis Moorside
Archie Sage OSSMA
Bracher Ethan Rawlett
Wakelin Ronny EDA
Sant Lucas Clayton Hall Academy
Murray Finn Wolgarston
Hughes Dan Wolgarston
Hughes Doug Wolgarston
King Charlie BWH
Davies Joe Trentham Academy
Cantrill Owen Chase Terrace
Carr Archie Cheadle
Williams Jharrel Alleynes Academy
Turner Jacob Trentham Academy
Cordall Hayden Trentham Academy
Ford Woody LF Amington
Sep 12, 2019

The Final Under 14 Boys trial takes place on Monday the 16th of September at Stafford Town FC starting at 6-00pm. Players should report ready changed with the appropriate footwear for 3G.

The squad to represent Staffordshire for the forthcoming season will be selected after these trials and posted on the website in due course.


Baggaley Harry STB
Braden Braden Penkridge
Cantrill Owen Chase Terrace
Carr Archie Cheadle
Cordall Hayden Trentham Academy
Danen Jacob Chase Terrace
Davies Joe Trentham Academy
Dean Charlie Moorside
Ford Woody LF Amington
Holden Mathew LF Amington
Hughes Dan Wolgarston
Hughes Doug Wolgarston
King Charlie BWH
Mawson Miles The Hart School
Murray Finn Penkridge
Rainford Harrison BWH
Riley Declan Chase Terrace
Sant Lucas Clayton Hall Academy
Skelton Matt Trentham Academy
Taylor Thomas Chase Terrace
Tezgel Emre Painsley
Thorpe Charlie LF Amington
Turner Jacob Trentham Academy
Wakelin Ronny EDA
Woolrich Callum Wolstanton
Ziglam Travis Moorside
Archie Sage OSSMA
Brachner Ethan Rawlett
Collier Kyan Clayton Hall Academy
Dudek Kamil Sir Graham Balfour
Hackett Ben Weston Road
Josh Gay OSSMA
Kellas Luke Norton Canes
Myatt Joe Norton Canes
Black Seb EDA
Allesbrook Codsall Middle


Sep 11, 2019

Following the final trial on Monday the coaches have selected the following girls to represent Staffordshire for 2019-20. There will always be a matchday squad of 16 players with the remaining members of the squad being on standby... The only disappointment with some U14 and 16 girls chose not to trial as it would not meet the approval of their RTC's. They should take a lesson out of the boys set up where full time professional clubs who offer some boys career in the game, are released from training to play County football as it offers a different but beneficial experience.


The parents of all girls selected need to send an e mail and mobile number to confirming their acceptance of the invitation to play for Staffordshire.

Abbie Adams
Polly Barrow
Ebon Clarke
Millie Clarke
Millie Driscoll
Elise Ecclestone

Izzy Galley ( Captain)

Meg Gill
Niamh Harding
Caitlin Hopwood 
Phoebe Hopwood
Lilly Jackson 
Katie Moran
Erin Patrick
Jess Powis
Shannon Prince
Hannah Sparkes
Emily Turner 
Sofia Tzima 
Millie Smallwood
Olivia Windsor

Congratulations to all selected and commiserations to those who have not made the cut. The first game is sceduled for Monday 7th of October against Shropshire SFA at Lilleshall National Sports Centre,

The Under 14 coaqches have selected the following girls and again parents are asked to contact with a parental email and mobile phone number. The purpose of such information is for communication..

Ella Beckett -EDA

Molly Spurgin - King Edward VI Lichfield

Keira Harman - De Ferrers Academy

Evie Galloway - De Ferrers Academy

Steph Bowler - De Ferrers Academy

Georgia Marrison - De Ferrers Academy

Holly Edwards - Clayton Hall Academy

Ruby Evans - EDA

Phoebe Chadwick - Blythe Bridge

Ella Smith - EDA

Faith Hill - EDA

Millie Talbot - EDA

Rayah Hardman - St Thomas More

Katie Parkes - St Thomas More

Lottie MacMurray - EDA

Freya Green - Great Wyrley Academy

Holly Bailey - The Kings Kidsgrove

Clara Norcross -

Alice Collier - St Edwards Academy

Caitlyn Disley - St Dominics

Louise Coates - Haywood Academy

Kady Leigh - St Peter's

Isobel Edwards - St Thomas More

Erin Moreton-Powell - Excel Academy



Sep 11, 2019

Manager Bailey Evans and his coaches have selected the squad to represent Staffordshire for the forthcoming season.

The final decisions were very very difficult and came after a very good game against Newcastle College, the sponsors of the U16 team.


Greg Lewis, Kyle Curtis



Harvey Bannister-Smith, Louis Pelnans, Huw Emery, Joe Baxter, Keilan Summerfield, James Sutton



Jake Finney, Harry Buzzard, Charlie Pearsall (Captain), Lewi Burnside, Morgan Payne, Joe Morley, Jack Thomas, Joe Scriven



Morgan Russell, Callum Niven, Eden Bailey, James May

Sep 8, 2019

This Monday the Under 14 and Under 16 Girls final trials take place at Stafford Town FC. The U14 Girls at 5-30 and the U16 Girls at 7-00pm. The girls who were selected for the trials were listed on the website following the initial trials so the names below are a reminder.

Under 16 Girls

Joanne Andrews Cardinal Griffin
Abbie Adams
Polly Barrow Sir Graham Balfour
Tilly Bridgett Clayton Hall Academy
Millie Clarke De Ferrers Academy
Maggie Croxhall De Ferrers Academy
Ebon Clarke Chase Terrace
Georgia Dawson Endon
Elise Ecclestone Blessed William Howard
Molly Edwards St Thomas More
Millie Edgerton EDA
Cissie Fone St John Fisher
Izzy Galley Endon
Harriet Grimshaw Moorside
Meg Gill Walton
Niamh Harding Madeley HS
Phoebe Hill Friary
Caitlin Hopwood Alleynes Academy
Phoebe Hopwood Alleynes Academy
Lily Jackson Clayton Hall Academy
Katie Moran John Taylor Academy
Erin Patrick Chase Terrace
Lily Pomelli Ormiston Horizon
Jess Powis Chase Terrace
Shannon Prince Blythe Bridge
Evie Quinn Rawlett
Hannah Sparkes EDA
Emily Turner Friary
Amelia Tringham John Taylor Academy
Sofia Tzima St Margaret Ward
Millie Smallwood De Ferrers Academy
Lucy Westwood EDA
Olivia Windsor Sir Thomas Boughey

Under 14Girls

Ella Beckett - EDA

Alexia Agnew - King Edward VI Lichfield

Ella-Mae Weaver - Cardinal Griffin

Keira Harman - De Ferrers Academy

Holly Edwards - Clayton Hall Academy

Charlotte Hardwick - Cannock Chase

Evie Galloway - De Ferrers Academy

Steph Bowler - De Ferrers Academy

Millie Curnyn - Rawlett

Lottie MacMurray - EDA

Ruby Evans - EDA

Alice Collie - St Edwards Academy

Caitlyn Disley - St Doms Stone

Isabel Bradbury - Kingsmead

Lily Cooper - King EdwardVI

Ella Cooke - EDA

Ella Smith - EDA

Faith Hill - EDA

Millie Talbot - EDA

Rayah Hardman - St Thomas More

Isobel Edwards - St Thomas More

Katie Parkes - St Thomas More

Molly Spurgin - King Edward VI Lichfield

Phoebe Chadwick - Blythe Bridge

Louise Coates - Haywood Academy

Amelia Kishna - De Ferrers

Chelsea Viggers - Madeley

Phoebe Liddle - Robert Sutton

Holly Bailey - The Kings Kidsgrove

Kady Leigh - St Peters

Freya Green - Great Wyrley Academy

Erin Moreton-Powell - Excel Academy

The Under 16 Boys take on Newcastle College at Newcastle KO 5-30 and the following players have confirmed their availability:

Greg Lewis

Kyle Curtis

Harry Buzzard

Huw Emery

Harvey Bannister-Smith

Joe Baxter

James Sutton

Louis Pelnans

Morgan Payne

Lewi Burnside

Joe Scriven

Jack Thomas

Jake Finney

Keilan Summerfield

Joe Morley

Charlie Hornby

Morgan Russell

Charlie Pearsall

Eden Bailey

Callum Niven

Toby Bracegirdle

and last but not least the Under 18 Boys also play Newcastle College with the same arrangements. All players selected have been informed.

Sep 1, 2019

Staffordshire Schools' FA are proud of their record in providing both boys and girls quality football experiences. As an Association the County squads often do not have the very best players in the county in terms of ability but they do have the best players in terms of commitment. This key element often means that some, not all by any means,  parents of boys and girls in the academy system do not trial, despite recommendations from their schools, as it may disrupt their plans for a career in professional football.

Those that accept an invitation to play for the County and then withdraw are the ones that cause most concern, in the first instance denying another player the opportunity to play representative football. There is room for both and the disciplined environment in County football is fundamental to the ethos of County Schools football. The freedom of expression and the lack of pressure from coaches encourage County players to express themselves and allied to the excellent work that the players do with their clubs ensures a more rounded football persona.

Perhaps the following statement may help some parents in their focus of what is and is not achievable and encourage them to give their offspring the best opportunities available in all areas of the game,

'Of all the boys who enter an academy at the age of 9 less than half of 1% may make it. 180 of the 1.5M players playing organised youth football in England will make it as a PL pro.  A success rate of 0.012% - the same sort of chance as being hit by a meteorite on your way home."

Enjoy football in all its facets as well as many other sports during this informative period of their development and most importanltly play with a smile.

Aug 31, 2019

The teams involved in the national cups have had mixed fortunes with the draws. The Under 16 Boys face a tough task with a journey to play Humberside who always provide stiff opposition. The Under 14 Girls will host Bedfordshire in their first round match whilst the Under 14 Boys have a bye in Round 1 but will then face the winners of Merseyside or South Yorkshire in Round 2, in Staffordshire.

The Under 16 Girls will travel to meet old rivals Nottinghamshire in Round 1 and finally the Under 18 Boys have a home tie against Cheshire in Round 2 having being awarded a bye in Round 1. More details regarding dates will be posted nearer the deadlines for the matches to be played

Aug 14, 2019

Staffordshire School's FA, like most school's football organisations is run by a willing band of volunteers. Most have been involved in the game all of their lives and are putting back something to a game which has given them huge pleasure over the years. The age profile of the volunteers is towards the upper end of the spectrum and with that in mind we are always on the lookout for anyone who can contribute in any way.As funding from the ESFA and FA has been cut to the bone more than ever is the need for support to help keep Staffordshire SFA as a vibrant well run organisation.

Referees and assistants are always welcome. We currently have an excellent group of volunteer referees who take games for us without a fee, recognising that everyone who is at a game and those who have organised it do so for free as volunteers, and they are happy with out of pocket expenses. To a man they all agree that County football is the most disciplined football that they officiate. They enjoy the fact that the standard of play is very high but more importantly they are not hit with abuse from players or parents as we do not tolerate either from players ar parents. In the past ten years there has only been one player from Staffordshire dismissed from the field of play, something we are proud of and which we will endeavour to maintain.

If you are a referee or know of a referee who might like to join our team then please make contact through the website, you will be made more than welcome.

Jul 15, 2019

Manager Neil Davies has named th boys below as his squad for the forthcoming season. Once again the quality of the boys at the trials made selection really difficult and he thanks all boys for their attendance and hard work during the process. Commiserations to those who missed out and congratulations to the boys tasked with trying to win the MCF again.


Staffs County Under 15 Boys Squad Season 2019/20

George Lenton

George Taylor

Euan Wade

Mason Pickering

Lewis Hassall

Matt Cutler

Sol Ashworth

Todd Alcock

Alfie Clarke

Rafferty Winnall

Archie England

Will Finlay

Kyle Corns

Ruben Cooner

Jack Bostock

James Plant

James Miller

Ben Runacas

Adam Cockbill

Ben Herrington

Standby Players

Henry Hadgett

Dako Vujcic

Eammon Clowes

Jake Morgan

Josh Onions

Jensen Peake (Injured)

Information regarding games etc will appear on the website in due course.

The Association wish to thank all boys and parents who took part in the process for their efforts.

Aug 11, 2015

@staffsschoolsfa will allow all to follow what is going on and will supplement the information available on the website.

Follow the account which is being run by Under 15 team Manager Bailey Evans.