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Welcome to the Staffordshire Schools' Football Association



Mar 30, 2020

We at Staffordshire Schools'FA hope that all of or players, parents teachers are staying safe and following the government guidelines. It is very difficult and pretty boring but it is needs must and the more islolated from each other we are then the sooner we can hopefully emerge from these dark days. As a group we have to applaud and assist our NHS who are on the frontline with all of the inherent dangers, whilst we stay away from each other to help them in their quest to beat this virus.

The Chairman of ESFA has released a statement which says that depending on the situation that the ESFA cup competitions will be completed wherever possible. That  could mean them taking place in September so with our two teams that have reached the final there is hope that we may be able to play the games. Understandably we may have to ask for special consideration to be given to some players for a variety of different reasons.

The County Schools FA will do the same with regard to our Individual schools competition again depending on the advice given by the government and the ESFA. You can only feel for those clubs who have had their seasons terminated, especially those who were certain of promotion but these are extraordinary times.

Stay safe.

Mar 25, 2020

We hope everyone is buying in to the governments strategy of trying to limit this frightning virus and staying at home. It is really difficult particularly at a time when our teams should be reaching the climax of the season and playing in finals. Currently there are more important things and we at Staffordshire SFA want you all to be safe and well.

We thought that a little distraction might help with a football theme in terms of providing everyone with some light entertainment and produce some puzzles and quizzes. This might go on for a while so as an incentive a small prize will be offered to the person who finishes top of the leaderboard. The first person to send in an all correct answer will be awarded 10 points ,the second 7 points the third 5 points and the fourth 2points. To be first you need to send in your answers to  New quizzes will be posted at regular intervals so stay tuned in.

If you could share this with as many people as possible then it will hopefully entertain and occupy some time. This first wordsearch will not count and is just a tester. Cut and paste the wordsearch and give the nicknames clubs to go alongside the nicknames.. Answers will be posted in due course but the quizmasters word is final.

S E I S W S P T J S S L I V E D D E R S 
K R T T Y J Y H R A M U Z T T L Z A B C 
C I E N T E O E U J K O E I S S I G R I 
I O C K T Z T C S S H O G I I L U O E T 
D I D S A T O O N Y B Z O G W G R C W A 
D Y I A O H X B X D O E H A I G R D E L 
A F L P R T S B F G S B Y P Q E F T R E 
J P C R Q M Y L V O H M R L D H S H S H 
E R H T C C Y E M B E C Y I Z U O E U T 
U M F T J K S R V N R H Z K A H V I L B 
C I T I Z E N S P I R A T E S H F R E V 
S L W O W V E D H H N Z I S W O C O L W 
N O L Y H I C D F C Z A L S X H G N A I 
D L O M L J J Q Q E Z X L E V M V Q K I 
R I W J J E W A Y Z U L S K A L A R D E 
C T C Y A N I Z B B U D N G T M U F A S 
Z F P O X E L X N G V R P G T I N N N N 
X B L S S T E H A W U I S E E F F O T U 
I G I N M C J E T Y E P H B E R C W G B 
J B X Q E X S P C S L I Y Q J G I C F L 

Good luck
Mar 19, 2020

Staffordshire Schools FA activity like all football has closed down because of the virus situation in the Uk. Now is a time for reflection and looking after oneself and family. No decisions have been made regarding what will happen regarding outstanding fixtures but there will be no activity before the end of April at the earliest.

We hope that all of our players parents teachers and their loved ones remain safe and well .

Mar 16, 2020

Following advice from the governing body and the government then all schools football under the jurisdiction of SSFA is now suspended until futher notice. This includes county representative teams and all individual schools cup competitions. Hopefully if we see some light at the end of this very dark tunnel then finals may be played in the summer term.

The Staffordshire Schools FA hopes everyone stays safe and well. Information and news will be posted here when it becomes available.

Feb 28, 2020

The Under 18 and Under 16 boys have reached the national inter county cup finals which are due to be played on the 8th or 9th of May at the Bet 365 Stadium, the home of Stoke City FC.

Staffordshire Schools wish to make this a very special occassion for the boys and one which will live long in their memories the results not withstanding.We are looking for companies to come forward to sponsor the boys warm up tops , playing kit and match balls. The games will receive lots of publicity and are being streamed live from the ground.

If you are able to help then please make contact through the website as the Association do not receive any funding for running representative sides.It is a great opportunity to be associated with schools football at the highest level.

Aug 11, 2015

@staffsschoolsfa will allow all to follow what is going on and will supplement the information available on the website.

Follow the account which is being run by Under 15 team Manager Bailey Evans.