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Aug 14, 2019


Staffordshire School's FA, like most school's football organisations is run by a willing band of volunteers. Most have been involved in the game all of their lives and are putting back something to a game which has given them huge pleasure over the years. The age profile of the volunteers is towards the upper end of the spectrum and with that in mind we are always on the lookout for anyone who can contribute in any way.As funding from the ESFA and FA has been cut to the bone more than ever is the need for support to help keep Staffordshire SFA as a vibrant well run organisation.

Referees and assistants are always welcome. We currently have an excellent group of volunteer referees who take games for us without a fee, recognising that everyone who is at a game and those who have organised it do so for free as volunteers, and they are happy with out of pocket expenses. To a man they all agree that County football is the most disciplined football that they officiate. They enjoy the fact that the standard of play is very high but more importantly they are not hit with abuse from players or parents as we do not tolerate either from players ar parents. In the past ten years there has only been one player from Staffordshire dismissed from the field of play, something we are proud of and which we will endeavour to maintain.

If you are a referee or know of a referee who might like to join our team then please make contact through the website, you will be made more than welcome.