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Sep 29, 2019

Under 18 Boys squad

The following players have been selected to represent Staffordshire for the forthcoming season. The coaches made some difficult decisions but were impressed with the players on display in the three trial sessions. Congratulations to those selected and commiserations to those who did not make the cut this year. It is hoped that those boys in the lower sixth will trial again next year and the Association wishes to thank all players and parents for all who trialled this year for their support and efforts, it is much appreciated,

All boys in the squad will be rquire for the first game against Cheshire on the 7th of October at Stafford Town against Cheshire Schools FA. Information will be emailed to all players.

  1. George Hill
  2. Harvey Belcher
  3. Josh Lewis
  4. Carter Lycett
  5. Ant Sheldon
  6. Owen Turner
  7. Matt Ball -
  8. Oli Watchorn Rice
  9. Alex Smith
  10. Oli Putnam
  11. Kyle Ashman
  12. Charlie Drain
  13. Jay Wilkinson -
  14. Dave Pereira -
  15. Lewis Wilkinson -
  16. Callum Griffiths -
  17. Christian Blanchette
  18. Oli Waddison
  19. Lewis Salmon
  20. Max Dixon

Standby players

Jacob Gwilt

Oli Jarvis

Sam Bowater

Jack Bowater