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Jun 4, 2021

SSFA Sponsorship - Season 2021-2022

Do you just LOVE schools’ football? Do you hold fond memories as a player? Do you get joy from seeing your kids get the joy from it?

If so, you might just be the PERFECT person/business to sponsor Staffordshire Schools FA moving forward!

We currently have NO sponsors, and with finance for Schools’ Rep football only disappearing year on year, we can only keep going for so much longer…

We have shirt sponsorship opportunities for all 6 teams, space for advertising on Matchday programmes and guaranteed exposure via all of our online platforms.

PLEASE share this post as widely as you possibly can! County football has been massively successful in Staffs over the last decade - and we have no intention of stopping there! Be a part of the journey! Get in touch via our website, Instagram or Twitter!