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Nov 2, 2021

Commitment to Staffordshire County Representative teams

Unfortunately it appears that a reminder is necessary regarding commitment for those chosen to represent Staffordshire within the County Representative sides. 

By accepting a place within the County squad, a player/family is committing to being available for selection (barring certain circumstances of course). Our teams do not train, and play on average once every 3-4 weeks: a drop in the ocean at the side of club commitment. 

Something which we hear from time to time is “their club won’t let them play” - this is NOT enforceable, fair or correct. Schools’ Rep football is an extension of your child’s schooling, and is an extension of school sport. This only changes after the U16 season, and if the player pursues a scholarship with their Academy - at that point the football club becomes your place of education. 

An understandable response is “but the club will let him/her go if we don’t do as they say” : if they truly value your child, no. They won’t. You as players/parents should also not be punished by a club for representing your school/Staffordshire. If this happens, please contact your Team Manager who can advise you further. We will also then immediately restrict access to all of our games to scouts from the club/s in question. 

However, hiding behind and blaming a club is often far, far more common than a club actually being problematic. At SSCFA, we are proud and happy to say that we have excellent working relationships with a host of local pro clubs, and we proactively assist those clubs in recruiting in exchange for their support and understanding. We also have a rich history of players who have easily managed Academy and Schools’ Rep football, and gained an enormous amount from both in unison. 

I would suggest that players across all of the County squads, especially the academy players, reflect upon the expected commitment, and whether or not they are unfairly occupying a squad place that another player would embrace and value. 

Repeatedly being unavailable may result in squad places being rescinded by Team Managers.

Bailey Evans - SSCFA Chairman