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Apr 28, 2020

Midland Counties Federation News

The MCF have finished the season as there is no chance of completion of the competitions due to the current situation with coronavirus. The championships have been awarded to the teams that topped the leagues when the suspension of the season happened in March.

Staffordshire boys have performed outstandingly well with the U18, u16,and the U15 boys winning the titles and the U14 Boys finishing as runners up in their competition. All three winners were unbeaten and the U14 boys tasted defeat once to the Chanpions West Midlands who were worthy winners.

The girls struggled to make an impact this season due to the RTC.s refusing to release girls for County matchess. Only a couple of sets of parents stood their ground and insisted that their daughters played County football for which the CSFA were very grateful.There will be a debate in the close season about the viability of continuing with girls representative football due to the facyt that counties who have RTC players available are so much stronger that they are totally dominant and can leave teams who do not have these players available at a distinct disadvantage. Parents committment to county football will be the key.

The winners of the competitions can be found below;

u14 boys  -  West Midlands

u15 boys - Staffordshire

u16 boys (east) - Lincolnshire

u16 boys (west) - Staffordshire

u18 boys - Staffordshire

u16 girls - Shropshire

u14 girls - West Midlands

The U18 and U16 boys still await news of wether or not they will be playing in the national finala