Categories: General
      Date: Mar 30, 2020
     Title: What happens next ?

We at Staffordshire Schools'FA hope that all of or players, parents teachers are staying safe and following the government guidelines. It is very difficult and pretty boring but it is needs must and the more islolated from each other we are then the sooner we can hopefully emerge from these dark days. As a group we have to applaud and assist our NHS who are on the frontline with all of the inherent dangers, whilst we stay away from each other to help them in their quest to beat this virus.

The Chairman of ESFA has released a statement which says that depending on the situation that the ESFA cup competitions will be completed wherever possible. That  could mean them taking place in September so with our two teams that have reached the final there is hope that we may be able to play the games. Understandably we may have to ask for special consideration to be given to some players for a variety of different reasons.

The County Schools FA will do the same with regard to our Individual schools competition again depending on the advice given by the government and the ESFA. You can only feel for those clubs who have had their seasons terminated, especially those who were certain of promotion but these are extraordinary times.

Stay safe.